Sonntag, 16. Mai 2010

A tag I really have to show!

My really really close friend Chayenne made a tag (stationary) for us.
She used my Saranghae kit and 2 toobs I made with poser.
The first one should be her and the other me. -lol-
(They're not the best, but I'm still learning)
But this tag is so wham!!!
Thank you so much girlfriend.
I love you too! :)


Sometimes I'm such a doofus.
So I noticed after sucha long time that Chassity wrote such an amazing tut :)
Sorry for being this late but thank you soo much for this amazing tut.
Try it here!

Some Love & Blue For You

My great CT Member Bravej also wrote 2 really stunning tuts.
You should try them!

Some Love was written with my Em Yeû Anh kit.
You can do the tutorial here.

For Blue For You she used my new Bluetonic kit.
Do the tut here.

Princess for A Day & Wondering

My lovely new CT Memer Mona from Ohh..Babelicious wrote 2 really amazing tuts :)
You really have to try them out!

This one, called Wondering, was written using my "My Diary" kit.
You can find it here

And this one, called Princess For A Day, was written with my newest kit "Bluetonic".
Find it here

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