Montag, 2. August 2010


Dear CT Team!

I'm so sorry for all the circumstances!
I lost your mail adresse because they were saved on C :(

Would you please be so kind and send me your addresses and if you made some tuts which I didn't upload, please send them to me too.

Use the usual (absentee at mail address!

Thank you and Sorry!!



I'm back back back back back back back back! *dance*

And I'm happy!

I've got the world best Mum and world best Uncle!
They rescued my PC and most of my datas!
Woohoooo! I just lost things which were on my C harddrive :D
And this wasn't that much! :S

Whoooot Whoooot!

That's great :D

At the moment I'm installing and installing! :S

Thank you all for you help offers and lovely mails!
You're great!


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